Long time, no post! Times flies. The New Year draws closer with each passing hour. Perhaps you have begun to ponder your New Year’s Resolution. If you are anything like me, you are also promising yourself you’ll keep your resolution past January 30th.

Why are New Year’s Resolutions so hard to keep, and what can we do to see them through to next December?

The answer is the “Questolution.”


This Forbes article prompts readers to turn their 2017 resolutions into questions. When we ask a question, our brains cannot resist engagement. We brainstorm. We question more. We problem-solve. Rather than fumbling over the end goal, we begin to strategize, which is exactly what this previous mncome post explores doing. Our goal is no longer a single, solid statement. A question is open to multiple answers, and flexible to our ever-changing lives. This is the power of the Questolution.

For example, I want to become more physically active this coming year. My New Year’s Resolution was, “Workout 4 days a week.” Seems solid, right? But what happens if I only go to the gym 2 times one week? What if I spend all day cleaning vigorously; do I count that as working out? If I failed to dedicate a chunk of time 4 days a week to exercise, I know I would feel like a failure.

That is where the Questolution comes in. My resolution transformed into, “How can I be more physically active every day?”

Now that I can answer! I can go to the gym. I can take the stairs. I can count that vigorous cleaning as physical activity. I can make sure I get 8 hours of good sleep. I can share my progress with a friend to keep myself accountable and engaged. I could invite my friend to join me!

I encourage everyone to take their Questolution a step further by relating it to something that is meaningful to you. This serves as a reminder of why we are striving for change. Using myself as an example again: I know I should be more physically active, but that knowledge alone has not kept me as active as I would like to be. I will feel more driven if I attach my goal to something personal. “How can I be more physically active every day so I can confidently take long hikes during my summer vacation?” Now I have the added motivation of hiking during a summer vacation to see my Questolution through.

I wish you all good luck with your Questolution, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!


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