Our Services

Medical Care: Conversations, not lectures.

MNCOME specializes in taking care of your hormones. We are also experts in overweight and obesity, or “bariatric endocrinology.” This is the science of how hormones and fat cells interact, and their effect on weight. We have helped lead the effort to understand and define this science from the beginning, and we know that medication is a useful option along with patient education. You can check out our Science of Weight page to learn more about how medication helps.

Most importantly, we will always have conversations with you. We don’t believe in lecturing or shaming.

Patient Education: “Diet” is a four letter word.

What sets us apart from other endocrinology clinics is our strong belief in patient education. We don’t mean lecturing you, we mean having a conversation and collaborating with you. You will truly succeed in creating a healthier lifestyle when you can explore the how and the why, not just the what. This all takes time, so we set our education appointments at a half an hour, minimum. We also offer many opportunities to learn in a community setting.

You will learn how to set realistic goals, you will get support, but you will never hear us say the word “diet.”

Research: Always leading the way.

Clinical research is an important part of our work. We value finding better treatment options for you and your family, and learning as much as we can about what we prescribe. We also educate others on how to do research and advocate for research at the Capitol. Learn more about what research is and why it is important.

Be a leader too! Ask us anytime about participating in a trial. We will also likely invite you if you qualify.