New Patients

Need an appointment?

Call us

Call 651-379-1600 to set up your appointment. During this call you will receive information for setting up your patient portal account. NOTE: we do not require a referral but your insurance company may, so be sure to check with them before scheduling.

Gather any labs, tests, or scans

Please have your other providers send us any labs, tests, or scans done for you in the past year and a half. Our fax number is 651-379-1650. Please note that you may need to submit a records release consent form first. You can download and use ours.

Appointment made?

Please remember to bring:


Your registration form

Check-in goes more quickly if this is done ahead of time. You can fill in and print, or print first and fill out by hand. Get the Registration form.

Your insurance card and identification

Your insurance card(s) and state ID or driver’s license. NOTE: we ask to see ID because we are required by law to make sure that you are the legal owner or beneficiary of your insurance policy.

Your co-pay

Your co-pay, if you have one. If you are paying out of pocket, the down payment is $120. We will bill you for any balance after your appointment.

A list of medications

Any medications that you are currently taking, in their original containers. This includes over-the-counter items such as vitamins, medicated lotions, supplements, etc. We recommend using our Medication List form to organize this information.

Labs, tests, or scans

If you prefer to bring your labs, tests, or scans from the past year and a half with you, you can do that instead of having them faxed.

After your first appointment


Set up your portal account

We will email you an invitation to join the patient portal. Please follow the instructions to set up your account. Once set up, you will be able to send messages, see lab results, request prescription refills, and set up text/email appointment reminders (to name a few benefits). Wondering about portals? You can read more on our Patient Portals 101 page.