Patient Portals 101


What a portal is

Patient Portals are a way for you to access your health information online, whenever it is most convenient for you. There are many kinds of patient portals. The one we use is called Follow My Health.


Why clinics use them

When Electronic Health Records (EHRs) became a requirement for running a clinic, it became clear that the convenience of accessing personal information on the computer should be extended to patients. Portals have the ability to communicate with the EHR software so you can see things like your lab results when they’re ready, instead of waiting for a letter or phone call.

The features we’re excited about are the ones many patients wished they could have had with the previous portal: the ability to see lab results over time, and to log in with an existing account’s credentials such as Yahoo or Gmail. We also like now being able to set and track goals (including uploading data such as blood sugar or weight readings), and see upcoming appointments.

The biggest benefit to the portal for patients is being able to do a lot of health-related tasks when it’s convenient for you.


The MNCOME website v. the Patient Portal

Patient Portals are separate from clinic websites. This is because the companies that build patient portals are actually making software that lives online, and this software goes through an extremely rigorous development process to ensure that it meets HIPAA and general Internet security standards. The MNCOME website you’re visiting right now is a regular website that is just meant to give you information. We link to the Portal website for your convenience.


How you can get started

We’ll send you an invitation via email. It will come from “” so if you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder. There will be a registration link in the email. Click on it, and then choose “Create an Account.” If you go to another clinic that uses this portal, you can choose “Add This Connection” instead. From there, you will be guided through the process.

If you have any questions about the portal or the website, you can email us. We’re here to answer your questions!