We’ve had our patient portal for almost a year now, and we’ve learned some important lessons. Aimee shares some tips below for making it easier to register, navigate, and use this incredibly handy tool.


  • MNCOME uses FollowMyHealth because we use Allscripts Electronic Health Record. They tell us which portal vendor we can use, so FollowMyHealth is it.
  • You have options for creating your login with FollowMyHealth. For convenience, they have provided the ability to use an account you probably log into often and will remember the credentials for, such as Facebook or Gmail. You do not have to choose these, and if you’re worried about security you can always make up new credentials to log in with FollowMyHealth directly.
  • Please note that using other accounts’ login information is very common now, and is just as secure as making up new credentials for FollowMyHealth.
  • We’ve found at this point that it’s easier to register for the portal on a desktop or laptop. You can use the phone or tablet app to access your account afterwards. We’ve notified the software developers about this quirk.

Navigating and using the patient portal

  • Your lab results will appear once your provider has┬áreviewed and finalized them. Depending on the type of labs drawn, getting the results back can take 7 days or so to return to the provider. They usually review these and finalize them the same day, but sometimes it takes a little longer.
  • The portal asks for your email because it will send you alerts when new information is available, such as lab results, or confirmation of a new appointment. Please be sure that the email address you register with can receive emails from FollowMyHealth (some workplaces such as banks or insurance companies have firewalls that prevent these emails from reaching employee inboxes).
  • Whichever method of logging in you choose when you register is the only one you should use from there on out. If you choose to create your account with Gmail’s login, you have to use Gmail. If you log in with anything else, you won’t see your records.

If you ever have questions about the portal, please contact Aimee anytime at webmaster@mncome.com.