Our Trials

We believe that working with companies who are making new medications is an important part of helping patients. Research leads to new, better ways of treating illnesses.

How trials work

Trials are conducted in 5 phases. They range from a preliminary stage, where the goal is just to explore how a medication works, up to a full population investigation after the medication has been approved for sale and is actively being prescribed. You can learn more about research in general and the phases in particular at clinicaltrials.gov.

What we study

MNCOME traditionally has studied treatments that help with weight. Our research has made it possible for two (2) new treatments to get to market since 2012. These drugs are called Victoza and Jardiance. These medications not only help improve blood sugar levels but cause weight loss instead of creating weight gain. They do this by helping the insulin already in your body’s blood stream work better, instead of stimulating new insulin release.

We also study obesity medications. We are best known for treating obesity as a disease, so we make sure to stay on top of any new medicines that are being developed. We are currently studying Belviq to make sure it doesn’t cause any problems for the heart.

You can get involved!

Part of what makes research successful is patient participation. The medication you take today is available because patients volunteered in previous trials. We encourage you to consider volunteering. You can contact Tiphani Martinez to talk about what it will involve. We may also invite you to volunteer for a specific study if we think you will qualify.