We’ve been thinking a lot about technology in patient education lately: from helping patients use the new-ish patient portal successfully to staying on top of the latest trends in smartphone apps, we know technology matters. It promises to help us stick to habits, measure those habits, and track our success. It gives us new ways to use our smartphones, like making grocery shopping easier or motivating us to get that walk in. It connects us with our doctors, physician assistants, diabetes educators, dietitians, etc.

So we’d like to find out from you:

  • What types of technology have been most helpful for you in your journey to a healthier self, if any?
  • Do you use technology tools like iPads or smartphones to
    • Learn more about something you discovered at your appointment?
    • Track your health data? What kind of data?
    • Access your health records?
    • All of the above?
    • Other?
  • How do you learn best so that you can successfully manage issues like diabetes or weight?